'meade' building

The lovely old ‘Woolworth’ building (in the center, with the green roof) recently celebrated 100th years!


20130517_142242 20130520_153710(1) america's pic This was the picture hanging in ‘Authentic Media’ in Brooklyn, America’s agent.

20130520_161849(1) 20130520_092201(1)art of brookln pic with Anthony DeVito20130517_145842


20130520_153715_resized (1)20130517_220444

Where’s Waldo? (or in this case, Heather and Lauralee). The Director of Communications for the film festival, Anthony DeVito sought us out to get our pictures. There is one shot of just us gals and one with Anthony in between us!  See if you can spot us on the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival website (sorry, you’ll have to paste it, I give up trying to make the link work on this!)

At this point, we had seen a lot of great films, including Casual Encounters the first night (met two GREAT guys, DJ Paris, who played Henry in the film. I know, but we actually LIKED this Henry!) Plus his real name is DJ! He and his partner, Dean were so nice, just like so many of the festival organizers and participants.

20130520_150147We did get to see a lot of Ugly Betty sites both together and on our own, as well as meeting up with a reader and supporter, Teresa (you may know her as Reading Frenzy from FF), who’s been living in the Bronx.

Casual Encounters…of the Eric Kind

Jordan and Clare

Jordan (Fort Green-GREAT film!) and Clare (sorry, not THAT Claire!)


Brooklyn is the place…now where is the face I’m looking for?

After little sleep, Heather arrived and braved the subway all by herself!

Tuesday, I overcame incredible odds and exchanged laptops on the way to the airport, arriving at 5:30am…should I have the driver take me directly to the bridge and call Heather?

First, we opted to see the Big Apple and the bright lights of Times Square. Had lunch at Serendipity and basically walked ourselves silly.

Night came and filled with anticipation, we got our very own  town car (no Daniel, sigh!) to the festival.

The first film was excellent (Casual Encounters)

We met a lot of directors, producers, and actors (in particular one who came and introduced himself).

At the opening night party, I introduced myself to the executive director of the festival Dr. Joseph Shahadi (not having a clue who he was until later!) I asked, ‘where is Eric’?

He told me the end of the festival, at the judging and after party is most likely the best time for our own Casual Encounter with the man himself….so the search continues!

Keep you posted, Detty lovers!

New York, Here I come!


Here’s the story of a girl named Lauralee…who followed her dreams all the way from Portland, Oregon to New York!

I can’t believe the time is almost here for me to fly cross-country to The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, to see and meet Eric Mabius, and to visit lots of Ugly Betty sights while in The Big Apple.







My bags are packed, I’m ready to go.
Eric waits for me in New York I know…
I’m leaving on a jet plane.
Doing a little primping the night before my flight leaves. No bags under my eyes, just my checked and carry-ons, and no white legs for this Portland girl.